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About WyColo Solutions - Specialty Commercial Construction Products

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We are a service-oriented distributor of specialty commercial construction products.

WyColo Solutions is made up of highly experienced, educated, and talented professionals who believe in the ability to deliver a high-end product with a cost-competitive and lean approach. Further, we provide our clients with the utmost level of innovative solutions and a quality product. On the front end of projects, we offer pre-construction budgets, design input, and VE input/output options. During construction, we offer on-time submittals, accurate information of all the products we sell, and a proactive plan for installation.

Also, our range of industry understanding allows us to serve as a true partner from project inception to completion. It is our mission to offer the highest level of design coordination, pre-construction, and construction services in the industry. We work together with our clients and an entire project team to ensure the highest quality on each project we build. We are dedicated to providing a quality product and a better building for our customers.

At WyColo Solutions, we strive to be the best at what we do: supplying and installing your Division 10 products, done right, and on time.

Our Construction Services include:

Pre-Construction Budgets

We offer estimates through the design process from 50% D&D drawings up through permit or construction set. In addition, we can offer budgets for scopes “typical” of that type of project. We anticipate the needs of the project before the architect or design team, based on a set of standards from previous work.

Design Input

We offer design input based upon the level of quality desired, as well as the general end-user’s wants and needs. And we will work with our customers to help them achieve their desired budget and products through price-point options.

General Contracting

For Restroom Remodels, we offer a “turnkey” service: this saves our customers from tracking down tile, flooring, plumbing, etc. subcontractors. We’ve got it covered, and we bring nothing but the best work to the table.

VE Input/Output Options

When the budget and the desired taste do not align, we can provide many other options to help our customers and owners meet their budget.

Construction Management

We fully understand the commercial construction process from start to finish. And we are happy to assist our customers throughout the process, helping them get the desired product into their building.

About WyColo Solutions - Specialty Commercial Construction Products