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Division 10+ more Commercial Construction

Thank you for your interest in working as a Division 10 Installer. Due to the high level of applicants we receive, we have decided to make this page be a very detailed description of the ideal person we are looking for.

NOTE: If you don’t have 65% of the skills, requirements, personality traits etc. that are below, please refrain from submitting an application. Unfortunately, we are not interested in cabinet guys, moving guys, laborers, or other unskilled trades for this position! Thank you.

ANOTHER NOTE: If you truly believe (and we mean truly believe) …that you have at least 50% of these requirements and are willing to obtain the rest, please submit an application. Perks of being a part of our company and team can be found at the bottom of this page.

Please carefully read through each requirement before submitting your application. Thank you.

We are looking for someone who:

Has most of their own tools

This might include a track saw, compound miter saw, hammer drill, portable band saw, plasma cutter, double cuts, drills and more drills, chop saw, screw gun, truck…

Three + years of work experience in construction

Ideally experience in Division 10 work or close to it (see details below). Submit GC list of projects and contractors working under for consideration in the submission form found below.

Experience with building, installing or working around the following:

Flag Poles, Lockers, Toilet Accessories (grab bars, towel bars, etc.), Stainless Steel, Wall Protection, Crash Rail, Hand Rail, Mailboxes (apartments and commercial buildings), Entrance Mats, Operable Walls, Toilet Partitions, Fire Protection, Fire Cabinets, Extinguishers, Access Panels, FRP, Driving big dually trucks full of materials

Personality Traits are a win in construction. The ideal candidate might have the following:

Laid back, Extremely hard working, “Go Time” performance, Speaks English but some Spanish is just fine, Entrepreneur mentality as this position has plenty of room for growth and more pay, Piece Rate Mentality, Upbeat personality traits are a plus and anyone who enjoys having a great time with our team while getting the job done is bonus points, Extreme attention to detail, We don’t believe in installing material-in fact anything-that is crooked, falling apart or “oh well, this will do” type of finish work

Perks to working with us?

Competitive Pay

$50-$60k a year to start.

Flexible Hours

Most of the time you’ll have plenty of work 5-7 days a week. Some months you’ll have 3 days a week which means you can spend those extra off hours with family, friends, traveling or doing whatever the heck you want to do.

Future Opportunities

We’d love someone to ideally work in the office as well once they’ve mastered the field work. This can and will include a huge jump in pay depending on performance and will most likely be after one year of being in the field.

Office duties after a year or so in the field might include:

  1. Project Management
  2. Submittals/Shops supervision/creation
  3. Estimating

Submission Form

Attach your resume and please answer a few questions.

Thanks for considering WyColo Solutions. We take these submissions seriously. If you are chosen as a one of the top three candidate, we will reach out to you within two weeks. We wish you the best of luck with all your pursued goals in 2019.